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Why St. Catharine?


We see a Saint Catharine of Siena Graduate as being:
● models of their faith
● an extension of the values learned at Saint Catharine of Siena School
● involved in Parish activities
● appreciative of diversity
● knowledgeable problem solvers
● responsible and accountable members of society
● confident and proud to be an Saint Catharine of Siena graduate
● positive leaders
● fluent communicators

Technology is a key component in our curriculum.
On-site Chrome books for all grades, a science lab, computer lab, classroom computers and smartboards, and the use of Google Classroom and Google resources in Grades 5-8 enhance the technology instruction in all grades. 

Leadership and service are the norm, not the exception.
We encourage and create opportunities for the older students of our school to mentor younger students, fostering a sense of independence, leadership and community. Service projects are completed by all students throughout the year, creating a sense of pride and helping to cultivate a culture of philanthropy and service in our students.

A Saint Catharine of Siena education includes early education.
Because we know that early education is a key component in every child's educational journey, we pride ourselves on a safe, nurturing, and affordable PreK program, which is available for students who will be 4 years old as of October 15. A variety of PreK offerings are available, including 5 full days, 3 full days, and 5 half days.

Our Kindergarten program is available for students who will be 5 years old as of October 15.

A robust curriculum.
In addition to the daily academic subjects of Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, all students participate in weekly encore subjects of Art, Music, Library, Gym, Computer/Maker's Space. All students also receive French instruction on a weekly basis. A Gifted/Enrichment Program is available for qualifying students in Grades 2-8. Our award-winning Accelerated Math Program is available to qualifying students in Grades 5-8. Remedial assistance is available on-site to students in all grades through the BCIU and qualified part-time and full-time aides.

Our Middle School students have a curriculum enhanced by intensive Language Arts classes, and weekly STEAM workshops. All students participate in STEM days and activities scheduled throughout the year. Our students are encouraged to participate in local and national contests, including the Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Mathletes, and more. 

Extra-curricular activities provide additional opportunities.
After and Before school activities, such as Drama Club, Science Explorers, Art Club, Band, Siena Singers, CYO and Berks Catholic Junior High Sports provide additional opportunities for social and whole child development. Leadership opportunities are also available through participation in Student Council, Mission Representatives, Safety Patrol, Green Team, and more.